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Piccadilly Circus

Daylight timelapse trials

As part of my work I quite often travel to some pretty interesting places and so I always attempt to take some time out to capture some ‘scenics’ which I can then post to istock, where I’m an exclusive contributor, or simply to my vimeo site to promote my camera work. Some of the more successful footage I’ve shot has been done using my Canon 7D with a TC-80N3 intervalometer – yes I know I can get the same results with the Magic Lantern firmware – but I do a lot of work for Canon UK and I don’t think they’d like me going ‘off-piste’ as it were.

So for istock stuff, you can’t show any recognisable faces, which is fine if you’re shooting at night, but is not so good if you want to shoot during the day. People need to be blurred, but that means a longer shutter speed, which means more light coming into the lens and therefore you need to whack in some serious ND filters.

Apart from the video featured here, have a look at my other ones on istock…and maybe buy a few?



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Rob King

Piccadilly Circus

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