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Faber Academy promo

This was a nice little job. Apparently there’s some brilliant courses for aspiring creative writers at The Faber Academy and I was asked by Faber to go along to one of it’s end of course get-togethers where much food and beverages were consumed and the students got to read extracts of their work in front of the rest of the class. Faber asked me to come in and shoot the event, interview a couple of the lecturers, and then provide them with a short promotional video that they could use on their website to promote future courses.

It was a really relaxed day – at least for me – I wasn’t having to stand up in front of anyone and read anything – and I really enjoyed what the students had produced. It seemed like an excellent course attended by some really talented people.

I used my Canon 7D and edited in Final Cut Pro and the whole job was produced for under £800.  At the last count over 1750 people had viewed it. That’s less than 50p per person.

“I think it’s perfect – thank you so much!” was client’s reaction.



Rob King

Rob King

Bloomsbury, London

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