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Energy Expo Event

I think there’s a technique to shooting exhibitions which basically involves having plenty of movement, lots of branding images, keeping the shots fairly tightly framed and making sure there’s always something going on in the background. Basically you’re creating a ‘busy’ feel. I think this video is a great example of what I’m talking about and I’m sure you’ll agree it makes this particular Expo look like the sort of place that anybody who’s into renewable energy products should be visiting.

There’s a little bit of finesse in there with some of the timelapse shots of the sky. For example, I’ve used masks in certain shots  so that whilst the clouds are moving fast to depict the relevance of wind power and wind turbines the people on the ground are moving at normal speed. My guess is these production values might have been lost on the client who shifted to a really low-budget production company a couple of years later. I’m not bitter. Honestly.

Anyway, just to close. The video was shot on an EX3 plus my Canon 7D. It was edited by me in FCP7 with Adobe After Effects for some of the ‘clever’ stuff mentioned earlier. Choice of words from the interviewees was also decided by me. Infact that is one of my USPs – as a client you can pretty much let me get on with it while you get on with other stuff. Generally the only area where changes to my initial edits are made is in the choice of music. That’s a very subjective thing. Words and visuals though rarely get altered I’m proud to say.

Rob King

Rob King

Malvern Showground

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