S Factor Diet

Lowri Turner’s ‘S Factor Diet’

Chocolate truffles made with avocado instead of chocolate? Hard to believe? Well here’s the evidence provided by me in this short video made for Lowri Turner to promote her S Factor diet book. The ‘S’ in ‘S Factor’ stands for serotonin by the way – so these were recipes that were easy on the calories but used ingredients that boosted serotonin levels.

We hired a kitchen on the top floor of a very trendy warehouse in Shoreditch and used a Canon EOS 7D to shoot three different videos during the day. The main issue with cooking videos, I always find, is cutting the whole sequence down roughly 5 minutes so the programme is punchy and to-the-point yet still keeps the instructional element that would allow the viewer to make a pretty good stab at the recipe themselves. Hopefully I managed to achieve both objectives here.


  • S Factor Diet

Rob King

Rob King

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