Canon Eroica Britannia

It seems like a while ago now but the #canonsummer was really great for me. Canon UK ran various events featuring their stand built out of a shipping container and they asked me, Rob King, to shoot and edit the action. It was a dream job, even though on the day I was booked to shoot at the Eroica Britannia festival in Bakewell it was pretty cold and damp. I used my 7D to shoot it and then made liberal use of the warp stabiliser filter in Premiere Pro CC in the edit. The music was a cracking tune called ‘Clumsy Spy’ provided by

Very inexpensive for Canon. A one day shoot followed by a one day edit. No changes to the initial edit. (Why would you?) Under £1000.

Rob King

Rob King

Clumsy Spy

Canon UK

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