The synopsis for Mount

Jilly Cooper talks about ‘Mount’.

I have to say, Jilly Cooper is now my favourite author even though, I have to admit, I haven’t read any of her books. I’m basing my appreciation of her though on the wonderful hospitality she extended me when I went to her house to film her for various social media videos. The subject was her latest novel ‘Mount’. The editor got stuck in a massive jam on the M4, so we had about an hour to chat before filming began. She was just such a great laugh. And once the filming was over, she insisted on making lunch – which was marvellous. This was one of the last videos I shot with my Sony EX3 before I switched to the Canon C100 Mk2 and unfortunately I think it shows. It all seems a little fuzzy compared to the footage I’m now shooting in C-Log.

Rob King

Rob King


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