Time lapse

Energy Now Expo

Energy Expo Event

I think there’s a technique to shooting exhibitions which basically involves having plenty of movement, lots of branding images, keeping the shots fairly tightly framed and making sure there’s always something going on in the …


Time lapse at night

You can’t beat a bit of time lapse for creating impact in a video. It’s an effect that can be used very effectively to portray the passage of time in a production or simply to …

Piccadilly Circus

Daylight timelapse trials

As part of my work I quite often travel to some pretty interesting places and so I always attempt to take some time out to capture some ‘scenics’ which I can then post to istock, …

Yotam Ottolenghi

NOPI Restaurant Cookbook promo

This was one of those rare shoots where you work hard but you also get to eat incredible food. I was asked to shoot five different videos at the NOPI restaurant just off Regent Street …