Over the years I've worked on countless projects. What I hope to do here is showcase just a few of them. Every single one of them is shot by me and edited by me. On each one I've tried to give an insight into the client's needs and how they were addressed


Since 1988 when I stopped being ‘Mr Marketing Manager’ and began my work as a cameraman, editor, motion graphics designer and occasional script-writer, my work has come mainly from advertising, PR agencies and conference production companies. Now, through this website, I am able to offer my services direct to the end-user at the same discounted prices that they receive. Hopefully, if you spend some time on the site reviewing some of my work, you’ll be assured that if you come to me for your business video production needs, you’ll get a professional approach, an imaginative and well-targeted message wrapped in some clever visuals, delivered at a very competitive price.

I’ve never been massively keen on blowing my own trumpet so these are the words of one of my clients, Sal Edmonds, joint Managing Director at The Production Bureau, one of the country’s leading conference and exhibition companies.

“He ‘gets it’ immediately which enables me to leave him to manage shoots and produce an edit with very little input from me. He is also very personable and several of my clients request Rob. I can’t recommend him highly enough”.