Who I Am

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My name is, unsurprisingly, Rob King. I’ve been making corporate videos since way back in the 1980s which makes me pretty old. But with age comes experience and in the nearly 30 years I’ve been making videos, I’ve learnt how to accurately interpret my client’s brief and produce videos quickly and efficiently that communicate the desired message with the maximum impact.

I believe my success over the decades is down to my fairly unique skills in this field. Not only am I art school educated, so I know how to compose a shot, I also have a Business Studies background and a marketing diploma from the Institute of Marketing. This means while I’m seeking out the best looking shots visually, I never lose sight of the fact that the video will always have a serious message to impart. Too many video producers, I believe, get side-tracked into making beautiful videos that look great in their showreel but lose sight of business message they were originally employed to communicate. And vice versa other producers get the message right but bore the pants off their audience with unimaginative visuals.

Furthermore, with me you get a cameraman and an editor. In the past this was a fairly rare thing. Nowadays it’s becoming more commonplace but it’s still a real plus point for the client. As a cameraman I can shoot knowing exactly what shots I’ll need for the edit. As the editor of those shots I know immediately which are the good ‘takes’ and which are the ones that won’t work which means the edit becomes massively quicker. This of course benefits the client who pays for less editing hours.

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